The Paint Pal brush line from Silly Farm was created by painters, for painters. Each brush was designed to help painters accomplish the best lines and strokes.

Marcela Murad

Queen of The Throne, Creative Director, FABAIC Co-Producer

Silly Farm is a company for painters, by painters. 24 years ago, they set out to create a company that caters to artists around the world and they exceeded their own expectations. Silly Farm currently manufactures and publish books, and their own lines of split-cakes, face and body paint, brushes and face painting stencils.

Silly Farm began in the kitchen of a clown by the name of Marcela "Mama Clown" in the early 90's. As she travelled and taught clowning she saw a need for quality face paints and started selling paint and creating face painting kits. Before she knew it, Marcela was the Queen of face painting and supplies and the doors of Silly Farm were open for business.

In 2004 Marcela sold Silly Farm to her enthusiastic niece Heather who had been face painting, clowning and working for Marcela from a young age - and a new era of Silly Farm was born. Today, Silly Farm proudly employs 27 talented artists and staff. You can trust that all of the products by Silly Farm are handpicked and painter approved.

Silly Farm brings us a range of products including FAB paint, Arty Brush Cakes, ‘Rainbow Cakes’, Pink Power Stencils, and Paint Pal brushes, dotter wand and sponge bag.

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Heather Green

Cheif Executive Farmer & President, CEO of FABAtv, FABAIC Co-Producer

FAB paints

Arty Cakes

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