A handy checklist of the all the things you’d usually need for face painting at a job, function or fund-raiser.


Face Paint and Detailz
Glitters (puff glitter, glitter gel, glitter crème)
Disposable Lip Swabs

Stencils (if you use them)
A brush holder (brush wallet / brush case / brush stand)

Water spray bottle for wetting sponges and paint. Also handy for wetting kids’ hair to get it out of the way.
Minimum of two water containers – for rinsing and wetting brushes
Wet wipes
Container for rubbish (dirty wipes & tissues)
Container for dirty sponges

Bobby pins
Table and chairs

Plastic tablecloth – required if you use the client’s table

Old towel – handy for wiping your hands on, wiping up spills, blotting your sponge if it’s too wet, and all kinds of things

Designs Menu (display board or book) – list of designs for the kids to choose from

Your business cards to give out

A case or backpack to carry it all!

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