Years before I had this store, I made my own large split-cake as I was not content with the standard ones available. I found the regular large rainbows too dull and the full neon ones didn’t give good enough coverage as neon blue and neon purple need to be worked well to make them opaque.

So I came up with this combination with Neon Magenta and Neon Yellow to make it wonderfully bright, and with regular Teal, Royal Blue and Purple for strong and vibrant colour. The little girls love the bright pink instead of red. The Teal instead of Green is just my personal preference but I think it goes very well.

All the little girls love this bright rainbow and it’s remained a staple in face paint kit throughout the years. Only now I have TAG Body Art make it for me and for you.

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BRIGHTEST RAINBOW Split-Cake Face Paint by Face Paint World 50g

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Custom-made for Face Paint World by TAG Body Art Neon Magenta - Neon Yellow - Teal - Royal Blue - Regular Purple