As a professional face painter of kids, most of your little ‘customers’ are little girls so a pretty pink is always in demand. The best pink you can have is a pearl/metallic/shimmer pink or rose. Almost any time you have area of pink face paint, being a pearl or shimmer pink will so much prettiness and value to face painting design. I think some people see the pearl (AKA shimmer / metallic) colours as a bit of a face painting luxury or ‘extras’, but I consider a few pearl colours as staples and that goes most of all for peal pink/rose, which I consider an essential for any face painter but especially useful for a beginner!


You’ll find many uses for a pearl pink face paint but it’s particularly brilliant for using as a pretty base for a simple design. You can do something super fast and easy that the little girls will be delighted with! Just add some swirls, teardrops or flowers, maybe little butterflies or love hearts. The beauty of this sort of design is that it is very adaptable – do a small area and limited colours for super fast, or if you have more time you can enlarge it – even cover most of the face – and add more details, more colours.

The pearl face paints make a perfect base. They give a soft, smooth, shimmery background that does half the work for you. When you combine this with even a simple design on top, you make that simple design become much more impressive and satisfying than it would be on it’s own. Not only does the shimmer effect make pearls a pretty background, these face paints tend to be softer so they are much easier to blend out at the edges so that you can paint a portion of the face and fade it out rather than having abrupt, messy edges.

Don’t forget the glitter!