A simple design that can be super fast and easy, but effective, is to lay down a base of pearl face paint, then add some swirls, teardrops or flowers, maybe little butterflies or love hearts. For ultra fast face painting, do it just around one eye – from temple to cheekbone – and use just two colours – the pearl base colour and the top colour. I usually use mainly white for the top elements (swirls, flowers, etc) but a dark, contrasting colour like Dark Blue can look stunning too – especially on a teen or adult.

The beauty of this sort of design is that it is very adaptable – from small and simple to full-face, and you can add as many details and colours as you have time.

The pearl face paints make a perfect base. They give a soft, smooth, shimmery background that does half the work for you. Pearl Pink/Rose is very popular of course, but any of the light shades of pearl colours can look lovely.

Not only does the shimmer effect make pearls a pretty background, these face paints tend to be softer so they are much easier to blend out at the edges so that you can paint a portion of the face and fade it out rather than having abrupt, messy edges. If you want to make this faded edge even nice, apply white mica in this area after the face paint is dry. It smooths out any blotchiness of your edge while adding extra shimmer.

Don’t forget the glitter!