1. Choose & prepare your location for the tattoo.

Choose a hair free location and an area that does not get a lot of rubbing from clothing, shoes, etc.

Cleaning the skin first with Isocol (or similar) will help the tattoo last longer, especially if they have sunscreen or lotion on. 

  1. Apply stencil

These are 3 part stencils designed for waterproof glitter tattoos. Peel off the white backing paper from the top two layers of the stencil set. Lay the 2 part stencil on the skin, sticky side down. Gently smooth the stencil on the skin making sure it’s adhered well. Peel off the top clear layer, leaving the black stencil on the skin.

  1. Apply the Cosmetic Glue

Apply a smooth, even and thin layer. A thick application of adhesive will rub off more easily as its thick edges will catch on things.

  1. While you wait for the glue to become clear and tacky, get your glitter ready. 

The stencil can be removed before or after you apply the glitter. Leaving it on while you apply the glitter makes it easier to see where to apply the glitter and gives a neater finish, but removing before the applying glitter will get you more uses out of that stencil because it won’t get glitter stuck to it.

When remove the stencil go carefully not to tear it – you may need to pull back different sections from different directions Return it to between the other 2 layers, so it can be reused. 

  1. Apply glitter

Always use cosmetic polyester glitter.

Apply glitter liberally to the clear and tacky adhesive. Use a dry paint brush (or your finger) to rub the glitter into every part of the design.

You can use more than one colour for different parts of the design or mixed together.


  1. Gently press the glitter on to the skin with the palm of your hand 
  1. Brush off the excess glitter

 Remove the stencil if you haven’t already done so.