What is Glitter Gel?

Glitter gel is ultra fine cosmetic glitter in a gel that dries clear, leaving a solid dot or trail of glitter. Packaged in squeezy bottles with a fine pointed tip, you have extremely precise control over its application on your designs.

How to use Glitter Gel:

Liquid Bling and other glitter gels are an easy way to add sparkle and a professional look to your face painting designs. My favourite uses are adding small dots to the pretty, abstract designs I do for ladies. Dots of Liquid Bling give the effect of little gems but are much quicker and easier to apply. I also love to use glitter gels to outline butterfly wings – inside or outside the black outline.

Before each use, give the bottle a shake and do a test dot or line on your hand or into a tissue as the bit in the nozzle can become clogged or low on glitter. Keep a pin in your kit to clear the nozzle in case it gets clogged. To prevent the glitter gel in the nozzle drying and clogging, keep the lid on when not in use.

Hold the tip close to the skin and squeeze gently. When drawing a line with glitter gel, don’t drag the nozzle across the skin; hold it just above the skin. Glitter gel doesn’t dry as quickly as face paint, so it’s always best to warn the person you are painting not to touch it so they don’t smudge it. To speed up drying, squeeze the bottle lightly when applying, so you get a finer line. For a thicker line use more pressure. Remove with soap and water.

Liquid Bling by Amerikan Body Art

Amerikan Body Art was the first to make cosmetic glitter gel and their Liquid Bling is still the preferred glitter gel by professionals. Originally it was used as a wash-off “Faux-Henna,” then Bindi designs, and eventually it made its way into the face painting world.

Liquid Bling is made from an aloe gel base and cosmetic glitter.  They try to keep the product as simple and as natural as possible.  There is no added drying agent, so while it does take a while to dry, we prefer this over adding potentially irritating ingredients.  Being a plant-based product, it has a 1 year shelf life.  Keep the tip clean and the product airtight between uses.

Global FX Glitter Gel by Global Colours

Global FX is an Australian made glitter gel. Global FX glitter gel contains cosmetic grade polyester glitter and proficient, alcohol-free gel. Global FX contains no drying agents. Global Colours glitter is made from FDA approved ingredients. Global FX originally came in in long, 36ml squeeze bottles but is changing over to 15ml squeeze bottles.

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