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Face Paint World has been supplying a wide range of quality face paint, brushes and more since 2012.

As an experienced, professional face painter, I know how important it is to have good quality products that you can rely on, so I strive to provide the best face and body art products available. I also know that professional face painters have different preferences for various products along with their different styles, and that people have varying budgets along with different needs, so I stock a range of brands and products so that everyone can find what they need at Face Paint World.

I love chatting with other face painters and helping beginners, so you are welcome to contact me if you need advice about any of our products. I love face painting and want everyone else to enjoy and get the most out of their face and body painting experiences, professional or amateur, so I’m always happy to help you select the right products for your needs.

As an online store we don’t have an actual ‘shopfront’, but you can come to us by appointment to pick up your order, or to browse our products and buy directly. Some products can even be tested before buying. Face Paint World is based in northern Sydney, NSW, Australia – just north of Hornsby. Please contact us to make an appointment before you drop in.

About Kylie-Anne

Having left my career in pathology to raise my two beautiful babies, when my youngest started school I was looking for a new work venture that would still allow me to be a stay-at-home mum and ideally utilize my creativity. I serendipitously discovered face painting in 2009 when I volunteered for the school fete. It was just what I’d been looking for. Putting smiles on kids and adults with my painting is intoxicating!

By 2012 I was ready for my next venture – supplying face paint products. I see my role as supporting other professional face and body artists by providing a great range of products and a fast, reliable service, and sharing my passion for face painting with novices – helping them find the right products for their needs and advice on how to use them.

Whilst the majority of my customers shop online, I love having customers visit my store. I see their eyes light up at my wall-to-wall shelves stacked with paints, glitters, stencils and brushes. My chief delight is helping beginners select products for their needs and show them how to use the products – seeing their excitement, the wonder & delight when I demonstrate a rainbow cake, sharing their excitement for their plans, seeing them leave excited to use their new products and start their new hobby or business. I know I’m not just providing a product – I’m helping foster a new passion, because I know they will love face painting as I do.

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